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Abonne Tomato Lotion with Lycopene 500mL

Abonne Tomato Lotion with Lycopene 500mL

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Abonne Tomato Lotion with Lycopene 500 mL

An innovative formula of concentrated milk lotion, enriched with Lycopene Tomato Extract and skin nutrients from natural essences, including UV Protection for lightening, clear and smooth skin with a healthy glow. Its light texture is fast absorbing and non-greasy.


  • Milk Protein moisturizes skin, rendering it irresistibly soft, smooth and supple.
  • Naniwhite Glutathione reduces dark spots and slows down pigmentation; lightens skin to naturally.
  • Kojic prevents melanin formation, conditions skin so that freckles and dark spots gradually face away, revealing clearer skin.
  • Tomato Extract is rich with Lycopene, which fights free radicals, prevents wrinkles, keeping skin soft and smooth.
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