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Adorn by Calmskin Blueberry Whipped Scrub

Adorn by Calmskin Blueberry Whipped Scrub

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ADORN by CalmSkin Blueberry Whipped Scrub


Blueberry Whipped Scrub is a great exfoliator and brings gentle touch on your face and body. It is nourishing, rejuvenating and has a whitening effect. 


  • Face/Body 
  • Dark knees 
  • Dark and chicken skin underarm  
  • Acne marks 
  • Dark elbows 

It has blueberry extract and Suspensa Fruit Extract that is known for its antioxidant benefits and skin-conditioning effects. Titanium dioxide that blocks harmful ultraviolet light rays and protect your skin from cancer, UV damage, and photoaging. Rich in Centella Asiatica extract and tomato seeds oil that reduce skin irritation and soothes skin. Alpha-Arbutin that improves skin tone and good for skin brightening. It is also formulated with Rose Flower Distillate that help cleanse skin and prevent blemishes.

Product weight: 250 mL

How to use:

  1. Get the right amount and then scrub it all over the desired area.
  2. Let it rest for 15 to 25 minutes.
  3. For face, apply an ample and gently massage it in a circular motion for 1 to 2 minutes only.
  4. Rinse gently using Chimchaghan soap and pat dry. You can see the results instantly.

Disclaimer for skincare products: We recommend that you read labels, warnings, and directions of all products before use. Please review the ingredients list and patch test before full application. Individual results may vary.


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