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Aishi Japan Premium - Tokyo White C Dyfage Glutathione + Oral Sunblock

Aishi Japan Premium - Tokyo White C Dyfage Glutathione + Oral Sunblock

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Aishi Japan Premium ✨

“Tokyo White C Dyfage” 60 Whitening Capsules with Oral Sunblock


📌 60 Capsules per bottle

📌 100% Made in Japan

📌 FDA Philippines Approved Registration # FR-4000008532367

📌 HALAL, HACCP, GMP and SGS Certified

📌 Comes in a classy Frosted bottle


✅ Serving size: 700mg

✅ Japan Oral Sunblock Technology

✅ Japan & Thailand Formula HEALTHIER, BRIGHTER, YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN. You deserve the best because you are special. CHOOSE AISHI TOKYO GLUTATHIONE with ORAL SUNBLOCK❗

✅ Lightens skin.

✅ Increase energy.

✅ Strengthens immune system.

✅ Improves quality of sleep.



✨You can take 2-4 capsules of Aishi Tokyo everyday. (maximum 4 capsules per day only)

✨It can be in the morning or evening, before or after a meal.

✨If you're planning to consume take it in the morning so it can also protect you from UV rays.

✨Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Definitely improves UNEVEN SKIN TONE, SAGGING, FRECKLES, DULL SKIN, DRY SKIN and other skin problems caused by sun rays, stress and pollution. It contains 400mg of glutathione and other 300mg actives per capsule to promote intense lightening without harming the skin to give you a bright and luminous complexion.

✅ Our supplement works in just a few weeks.

✅ Treats pimple marks. spots and uneven skin tone.

✅ It will leave your skin white, smooth and glowing because of our anti aging whitening ingredients

INGREDIENTS per 2 capsules dosage:

➖Japan Premium Glutathione 800mg

➖Nac 200mg

➖Vitamin C 150mg

➖ Polypodium Leucotamos 100mg

➖ Rosehips 50mg

➖ Pearl Powder 50mg

➖ Alpha Lipoic Acid 36mg

➖ Zinc 10mg

➖Biotin 4mg

📌 NOTE: Not advisable for pregnant women.

Glutathione should not be administered to pregnant. See your doctor on proper medical advice.

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