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Glutalipo Juice (10 sachets)

Glutalipo Juice (10 sachets)

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The #1 Best-Selling Detox Drink in the Philippines

Glutalipo is made to taste like any other juice drink, coffee, and even milk tea: to give consumers the same feeling of drinking their favorite drinks but instead of consuming more fats and sugars, what the user takes are active ingredients that help in cleansing the body.

Glutalipo wants every customer to still enjoy their favorite food and when it’s time to get rid of the guilt of eating too much, the experience is still pleasurable to the taste.

All 12-in-1 Glutalipo drinks are infused with organic ingredients. The main ones are Garcinia Cambogia combined with L-Carnitine for an effective and efficient way to burn fat and Glutathione and Collagen for the skin’s healthier and more youthful glow.

One box of GlutaLipo includes 10 sachets.

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