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GMEELAN Gluta Whitening Lazy Cream | 30g

GMEELAN Gluta Whitening Lazy Cream | 30g

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GMEELAN Gluta Facial Whitening Lotion Cream Brighten Skin Tone | 30g

 GMEELAN explores the globe to unlock the secrets of whitening

Mirowood, known as South African Phoenix grass, and as

"rebirth grass", grows in the remote ancient mysterious South African plateau, contains a strong self-recovery power. only 1 drop of water can restore vitality in the state of dead.

 Product information

[Product name] Glutathione Whitening lazy cream

[Net content] 30g

[Product Efficacy] Whitening, brightening, moisturizing, concealer, fine pores

[Inteded User] All kinds of skin, especially the skin that needs whitening and moisturizing

 What is glutathione Lazy cream?

It is a whitening, oil control, concealer, moisturizing cream in one, can be called lazy Gospel!NET nano-emulsion hydration technology, nano-level active molecules can reach the bottom of the muscle in 3 seconds, break the melanin group, 7 days of skin tone brightening, 14 days of light pink girl muscle.


1. Apply makeup in 10 seconds to make it feel natural and hold makeup for 8 hours

2, Instantly and naturally whiten in 3 secs.

3, 7 days fast whitening, farewell to dark face

3, cover acne marks, spots, shrink pores, delicate skin

4, SPF20, PA++ sunscreen can prevent skin dark due to ultraviolet radiation

 Star ingredients:

* Five whitening ingredients

Korean licorice extract, glutathione, nicotinamide, vitamin C, pearl powder, professional whitening from root to skin, 7 days white.

 * Dual nourishing ingredients
African milo wood extract, Korean ceramide NP, moisturizes skin, quickly penetrates into the skin, locks in moisture, and enhances the skin barrier, making the skin appear elastic and bright.

 * Double aromatic plant extract

Grapefruit extract, spicy mint leaf extract are supple and smooth. They can resist skin oxidation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, improve odor, make skin feel fresh and soft.

 Usage Scenarios:

* Too late to put on makeup before a date/ meeting.

* False whitening, floating powder and unnatural feeling when making up.

* On a daily basis, oil dissolves makeup on the skin and the face becomes a mirror

 No Alcohol

Paraben - free

No mineral oil

No stain

Vegetarian friendly

No kills

 Using Procedures

After cleansing, give skin basic care; Apply an appropriate amount of product to vour face and smear evenly. Leave for a few seconds to appear white and make your makeup look clear.

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