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Goree Lotion | 250ml

Goree Lotion | 250ml

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✔💯 Original Goree Lotion

✨Goree whitening lotion is the only lotion that turns your skin whiter and makes you so much looking gorgeous that you wont believe 😎😎☺

✔With natural ingredients such as Avocado and Aloe vera

 > Proven safe and effective

> Results visible as early as 1-4 weeks of use

> Can be used for:

💁dark underarms

💁chicken skin in the underarms and upper arms

💁dark knees, elbows, groin, neck, nipples

💁acne/ pimples

💁melasma/ pekas

💁dark circles under the eyes

😍😍It will also whitens other dark areas such as: Neck, elbow, knees & T-zone..

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