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Zeevo Kojic Classic Soap

Zeevo Kojic Classic Soap

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ZEEVO Kojic Classic 10x Whitening is an all-in-one whitening, anti-bacterial and even anti-acne soap. Won’t dry at irritate your skin, dahil it’s the skin-friendliest Kojic plus at very affordable & reasonable price.
Get a different Kojic effect with the combination of more glowing, moistured, fairer and clearer skin with ZEEVO!
-not harsh on the skin
-stingless micropeeling/exfoliating
-made in Japan
-high quality ingredients from Japan and Switzerland
-moisturizing and non-drying
-anti-acne & anti-bacterial
-effective way to even out skin tone and whiten scars, dark marks

Discover magic with Zeevo Kojic Classic.

best use with Zeevo kojic lotion

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